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We were created to help local small business with their marketing to get more customers and clients. We know how hard it is and we have created a seamless way of generating NEW BUSINESS for you. Not traffic, not leads, actual walk in the door paying customers. And better still you own the customer, so you can meet them, serve them and then continue to market to them. YOU are given and own the relationship so you can have a lifetime customer with lifetime revenue. Sound good? We think so too, read on.

Sample Businesses We Work With

We have MANY success stories and the below give you an idea of the types of local businesses we have already helped. It could be you next!



Hair Salons / Barbers

Gym & Fitness

Spa's & Beauty

Nightclubs & Bars

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If you don’t have the time to read – then all it takes is 90 seconds to learn more about what Social Sales Engine a Small Business Marketing Agency does and how we can help your business get new, top spending customers through your door every single week.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 find out how just click the play button now.

Social Media Engine – We Power Your Small Business Marketing

We work with you to make sure your business stands out. Then we will work with you to define and offer, something FREE or with a big discount to get your customers attention. We only do this ONCE, this is not like a daily deal site where you make almost no money back on your advertising! (We hate that).

What we do is build out an audience who are going to be very engaged and are actively looking or thinking about celebrating.


Simple, when we celebrate, we get more social and we typically spend more money. These are the clients you want to be in front of. Make them feel special on a celebratory day and you anchor good memories and feelings and that usually is the perfect recipe for a loyal customer.

Real Results For Local Business

We get it, you don’t want to know the latest software or concepts, you want results. Money in your pocket, real world results and for most local businesses that means people in the door to spend money with you. This is your bottom line we are talking about. Not browsers, not tyre kickers, people who are there to pay for your services.

That’s what we do, all day every day, we get people in the door, bums on seats, hands in wallets. So this is a service that works for your local business if you want more business.


Take a quick look at the many things that are included in the service for you, this is how we work hard to get you amazing results. Like baking a cake, when you put all the ingredients together, it creates a perfectly tasty result.

Creative Ads

We create ads that inspire and engage that are built around your offer and your brand to get the best engagement in social

Attraction Marketing

We write great ad copy to attract the right type of customers who are in the state of mind to spend with you

Customer Offers

The offers will drive customer engagement and because of the ad intent, it also increases lifetime value through loyalty

Local Targeting

Local targeting matches need to customer so you get a good rate of new, local customers coming to you


We follow through and make sure that interested customers take the time to book for their offer with you

SMS and eMail follow ups

Our automated software then sends scheduled reminders via both email and text (SMS) to increase bookings being honoured


Some of our clients have taken the time to share their experiences, we thank them all and appreciate each of you and we are delighted to share just a small selection of the comments we receive.

Social Sales Engine let me test run the service, we not only got 19 new customers in the first 2 weeks but our advert had a local reach of over 3000 views. 

Sam G

Ower, Pizzaria

We have done our own social ads before and nothing got close to the results we saw with Social Sales Engine. At an average of £22 per head (15% higher than usual) we have easily made treble the service cost and it seems to be improving all the time.

Janet K

Owner, Honeypot Bakery & Cafe

We have new customers coming in and they rave about our special deals, we now run them not only for Birthdays but all the big events. We just started with Anniversaries and that’s bringing us lots of new customers. Don’t overthink this, it is excellent for a local restaurant anywhere.

Jessica L

Co-Owner, Little Roma

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