If you start now in digital marketing it can be hard to learn and know where to start and it takes time, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The Facebook Ads platform is the online advertising tool that the social media for small business network offers any business.

It has become the key to success in strategies of major brands and increasingly small local businesses.

An easy to use interface and a minimum investment from £1 a day plus a return on investment at a low cost make this the perfect market solution for a local business.

Please take 3  minutes to enjoy this article as we are going to discover what Facebook Ads is, how recent changes in the algorithm have affected the platform and how to get a ready for you Facebook ads service.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads : is the online advertising platform available to advertise in facebook and it is called the Facebook ad manager.

Facebook was created more than 14 years ago by five students from Harvard University, including the current CEO;  Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, Facebook is available in more than 140 languages, has 2200 million active monthly users ( Digital in 2018 ). And not only can you continue to share personal update but you can adversities your business to an engaged social media for small business network. All easily configured through its Facebook Ads platform.

This creates a balance where the daily activity of people merges with the products and services of large and small companies, entrepreneurs and new businesses. It’s then a great place to spend time online with friends and family. And also find out about new products and services.

How Doe Facebook Work For Local Businesses?

Facebook work like a virtual auction where your ads are competing with others that have the same characteristics or the same audience.

The Facebook system bases the circulation of the campaigns on two factors: the bids and the performance of the ads.

Facebook Ads has become an essential online tool for brands and advertisers, who invest thousands of pounds each month. But a local business can equally have a good level of success with a much smaller spend on ads.

There are several factors that explain it:

Audience Segmentation . basically this means you have the ability to target your ads and make them specific. We can show our ads to users with a sociodemographic profile that matches our customer. More than 900 interests, behaviours and demographic data is included in Facebook and is there to help with better ad targeting.

But the options do not end here, since we can create segmentations based on customer bases, visitors to our website or people who have interacted with our social media for small business profiles. The options are almost endless.

An investment adjusted to your budget . You don’t need a huge budget to use the platform. When focusing on local business, you can set your budget as low as £5 per day. Plus you get to choose when and how often you run the ads. You can tun it on and off as needed.

A positive return on investment . Compared to other advertising platforms, the cost per click is minimal. With good ads and tracking performance then you can really make every click count.

Recent changes in the algorithm . Facebook is no longer working for businesses who don’t use advertising, this has meant an increase in advertising investment. This is the only way to reach all our potential audience. You might hear it referred to as “Pay to Play”.

With Facebook Ads we can create ads with text, images or videos. We can choose the advertising spaces in which they will be shown , to whom, when and where. We have absolute control of the campaigns.

Local Business – The need to invest in Facebook Ads

It’s possible that at this point you are wondering about the solutions that the platform brings to your local business. Let’s look at how Facebook Ads can help you sell your products or services.

The first thing you should know, is that users do not go to Facebook with the intention of buying. They look for the social media for small business, to share their day, emotions, their successes and to know how life is going for their friends and family.

But, saying all that, we can work with this and make sure that we create strategies with the objective of impacting users who might be interested in buying from us and putting them into our sales funnel and then, finally, converting them into customers.

Sound good?

Current statistics state that 9 out of 10 online businesses fail due to lack of visibility. And that 40% of buyers admit having seen the product or service on social networks before buying it. This is why social media for small business is so powerful and any local business should now start to see why it’s important. By creating Facebook Ads, you amplify your visibility.

How does Facebook Help You Boost Your Local Business?

Facebook works based on 3 outcomes:

  • recognition,
  • consideration and
  • decision

they allow us to create campaigns based on which of those outcomes we are targeting.

Here are some examples to explain more what these three areas are.

  • If you have a blog and you want to impact readers interested in your topic, the creation of campaigns with the traffic objective will allow you to attract qualified visitors and give visibility to your brand.

By conducting retargeting campaigns , we can convert these visits into subscribers, offering them a free resource, for example. Facebook then allows you to follow users with specific ads who have shown an interest in your business but not yet engaged. So using the blog example above, that might mean getting their email to make them a subscriber….not just a visitor.

Finally, the objective conversions , accompanied by an email marketing strategy, would allow us to take the purchase to users who are already part of our database and who have downloaded our resources, know us and know how we can solve their problem or need .

So this final step using the blog example, means that we can then market to these sign ups and ensure they then BUY a product or service from us.

You don’t need to do all the steps, start with the end in mind. If you want to sell a product or give an offer you can do that by jumping straight to the decision section.

Changes In The Facebook Algorithm: The End Of Organic Reach

Back in  2018 Facebook had decided to make changes to its algorithm, which is called EdgeRank.

The aim was to return to the beginnings of the social media for small business network and connect users with family and friends. That meant that company pages were suppressed and did not show up on the facebook feed as much (in fact barely at all.)

Although Facebook tried to reassure businesses, making us believe that this change would not significantly affect the scope of brand posts, the reality was between 2% -6% were the maximum percentage volumes you would get.

This means that for a page that has 50,000 followers you would only reach 1,000-3,000 with your posts.

That’s a BIG reduction and it hurt a lot of businesses as their posts were not getting seen anymore.

The only way to get those views that were free before is to resort to Facebook Ads. This is great news for Facebook as they now have a more active revenue stream from ads. But strangely its good for local business too.

Why Choose Facebook Ads

It means that you can target local customers and by using ads you are guaranteed to be seen! Before with posts you had to put a lot of work into building an audience. But now you can take a short cut to success and buy one. Don’t forget, the ad costs are much lower than other platforms like Google Ads and you can target very precisely.

Make Facebook Ads a part of your sales strategy. It does not matter if you are an online business or have a physical presence (bricks and mortar store) it is a very efficient tool that will allow you to achieve high ROI (return on investment).

A lot of time the Facebook Business Manager and ads can feel overwhelming – you might not be too keen or have the time to learn all the experimenting and testing to get your ads running well.

Working with Social Sales Engine means you don’t have to. We do it all for you, we manage the entire ad profiles from end to end and even take care of the advertising spend.

PLUS we are offering a 30 day FREE trail. You just pay the ad spend and we do all the content creation, design and management at ZERO cost. Why? That is our way of showing you how good this platform and Facebook ads is, just use the experts to get the best results. Take a look at the image below to give you an overview of how it works.

How Facebook escape room marketing works