Free Trial 30 Days Terms

Terms of the FREE Trial

We are not fans of Gobbledy Gook so get ready for some plain English about what and why we do stuff during this trial.

We cannot work with all businesses. Part of the attraction of a Birthday marketing club is to offer something unusual in an area. So we have to limit the amount of businesses we work with. This is down to our discretion and experience. If we have to say NO, then we will tell you why.

We are running advanced marketing and promotions for successful businesses so we reserve the right to work with businesses of good standing. This is usually verified through independent reviews.  If you have lots of bad reviews then you are pushing water up a hill. Don’t invest in getting new clients, fix the issues first.

The FREE trial includes account creation and full 30 days management with access to our automated emails, voucher creation and SMS software that we call SOCIAL CLIENT ENGINE ™

So all the stuff that makes the Birthday Club work, all the automation and the marketing, we do that all for you. That’s quite a few hours setting it up. Then more time in the month managing it. WHY do it? Virtually every small business we know has been ripped off. We prefer to show you the value first. It’s a good way to start doing business on the right foot.

FREE TRIAL is for management and software and our marketing expertise. You will be required to pay for your own advertising spend, this is not covered as part of the trial as it is a business expense. We will advise what that cost of the advertising spend is. This varies based on your geographic location but is typically £3-£5 per day nationally with up to £10 per day being recommended in Greater London.

So it’s FREE – all that we do, all the magic stuff, no charge. You get our brains and software doing everything that it needs to do. What you don’t get is us paying for your advertising. I think it’s obvious but it is better to have it in black white so there is no confusion. On average its £100-£150 for the 30 days as you need to pay to be seen for this to work.

If you cannot afford that – then this is not the service for you.

We will advise the best spend volume but the investment is up to you as a business. This type of advertising is innovative and significantly lower than many other forms of digital marketing. <<<< It’s cheaper than a lot of other marketing and we do stuff like track ROI so you know how much it’s made you.

We reserve the right to decline trials if the Birthday offer will not attract enough engagement or interest. Again, we can advise but generosity is key when marketing to celebrants. If your offer is not attractive, the best advertising in the world won’t get results. If it’s rubbish, we can’t promote it. You don’t need to give away the family dog but think about what is giving the birthday party an enticing reason to come to you.

There is no requirement to continue the trial after the 30 days has lapsed but we do anticipate a high uptake in the service.  It is therefore recommended to set up recurring billing when the trial commences or before the last week to minimise any service disruption. – If this works for you then you will want to keep it going, we don’t have time to chase for late payments and let’s face it, direct debit has been the saviour of some of our credit reports as then we don’t have to think about it. We do the same, so payments are set up and automated for you.

This is a non contracted service, all payments and agreements are on a rolling monthly basis for your convenience and budgeting. <<<< don’t want us anymore, then cancel. We just ask you do it at the end of your payment cycle. So if you begin 1st of month, cancel it, then it will run to the 1st of the next month. Simple.

We reserve the right to amend, modify or withdraw this offer at any time. Please note, this would only impact new applications and not any trial that is currently running. <<<<<<< If we get inundated with trial requests, then we might pause or change the offer. If you are in a trial already, that won’t impact you as we are as good as our word 🙂

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