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Let us help you to get brand new customers walking in your door and have them motivated to spend money and become return customers.

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Local Businesses – Getting Customers

It takes time and effort to make your business a success and without paying customers you are going to be in a painful position. You can have the best service in the world, the best idea in the world but without customers you will wither and die.

Keeping a steady flow of new customers is VITAL for any business. The challenge is how can you do that consistently and in a way that does not break the back or absorb all the time you really don’t have. Check our our simple 2 minute explainer video to the right to find out more.

Analysing The Problem

The local marketing solution we have created is new, it’s effective and it’s honestly one of the lowest spends we have ever found for getting new clients. It works for most small businesses with the caveat that;

  1. You need a good offer or deal to get peoples attention
  2. You need to have a good reputation as a local business

If you have those two things in place then this solution works. The problem we have is, we are not sales people. We are a bit nerdy and we like to make things work and look at algorithms and automations and stuff that would bore most people to tears.

We want to share this with local businesses as it can make a HUGE difference. You are the expert in your business and we are marketing experts. So we’re a bit rubbish at explaining this stuff so the powers that be decided, why don’t we just SHOW small businesses how it works?

Now we really like that idea and we hope you do it. We don’t want to tell you stuff you don’t need to know but we think having the chance to PROVE the solution works will be better for you (no risk) and better for us (we don’t have to overly explain it). Win – Wins make us feel happier.

Creating A Custom Solution – Make It Free To Try

The concept really is simple (don’t let that fool you), the power comes from the way we do it.

  • We have very clever targeting criteria so we can hone in on that perfect customer for you.
  • We will work with you to create a compelling offer – you MUST have this to cut through all the noice we get inside our social media
  • We then engage with the potential customers and use triggers to make them far more likely to become a customer
  • We even then market to them AFTER the event to remind them of you, and secure an increased rate of reviews

All of this is handled by our bespoke marketing software and the expert team. Input from your business is minimal, once we get the offer / ad created and signed off, the promotion running, you can sit back and wait for the new customers to arrive.

We will even report for you and send you the details of how successful the campaign has been. The more you run it, the better the results are as we can edit and try slight amendments, change areas and make little changes to create ever better results for you.

The Results

Results vary, if you’re in the Outer Hebrides, you audience is not going to be as large as London (sorry about that). But what we do know is that some figures are fairly consistent.


Increase In New Leads


Increase IN Sales


Increase in revenue


social reach

The results per week – what could that do for your business?

The Many Benefits Of Celebration Marketing

The ultimate aim and focus has to be more paying customers. We tend to compare what we do to daily deal sites in so far as we need a compelling offer. But that’s where the similarities end.

  • You still get profit from any deal as they require a full paying person to be with the celebrant
  • We don’t take commission, if you work with us after the 30 days, it’s a flat, fixed fee
  • You own the client data – you have their details of customers and LEADS (the ones who don’t / can’t take up the offer) so you can market to them on-going
  • It is YOUR reputation ONLY that is being promoted (not ours)
  • You will get a lot of word of mouth advertising and social shares
  • You can easily become a very popular business within your community
  • This is NEW marketing, usually only afforded by bigger businesses …….until now

Restaurant Birthday Marketing Club

We do anticipate that once this is out there, we will get a lot of interest, not at least because we are choosing to let the results speak for themselves. One thing we must add though it the offer is limited. We only want to work with a few local businesses in your area. What we don’t want to do is saturate the market.

So if you are interested and appreciate it’s us giving you our time and expertise in the belief we will work together when we do PROVE this for you. Then don’t hang around. We have to keep it first come first served. This is a genuine offer for expert marketing services, the service set up and managed for you for 30 days. See how it works.

The only cost to you would be the adverts – that’s a business cost. And its likely to be between £100-£150. You don’t pay us, that’s something called cost per click that Facebook charge so if you don’t have that amount, then we can’t set up and run the software for you. We need the ads, to get the traffic, to make the offer, to get you clients.

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