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These are some sample price plans. If we are offering a complete solution and paying for your Facebook ads – expert social media marketing your small business, this might change as it depends on the ad cost. But we will cover this all for you in your free 5 minute call. If you prefer, you can set your own ad spend and we will just manage the account and use our follow up software to convert more customers for you.

It’s designed to be easy AND affordable. So, how much new business can you handle, the team are waiting to get started for you.

Pricing Examples

We have worked with hundreds of companies and we consistently see new customers and more money flowing into the local business. Below are 3 of our most popular packages. All packages are available, order now and we can get the project started without delay.


Take a quick look at the many things that are included in the service for you, this is how we work hard to get you amazing results. Like baking a cake, when you put all the ingredients together, it creates a perfectly tasty result.

Creative Ads

We create ads that inspire and engage that are built around your offer and your brand to get the best engagement in social

Attraction Marketing

We write great ad copy to attract the right type of customers who are in the state of mind to spend with you

Customer Offers

The offers will drive customer engagement and because of the ad intent, it also increases lifetime value through loyalty

Local Targeting

Local targeting matches need to customer so you get a good rate of new, local customers coming to you


We follow through and make sure that interested customers take the time to book for their offer with you

SMS and eMail follow ups

Our automated software then sends scheduled reminders via both email and text (SMS) to increase bookings being honoured

Get Started

If you know what you want, just click order now under the pricing table, if you want some help and have some quesions then just click below and we can have a quick 5 minute chat to cover off what you might need help with for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions and this business model has been running successfully for local businesses like you since 2012. Here are some of the more common questions that might spring to mind. Don’t forget we are just a quick call away to answer anything else.

How Much Will You Spend On Ads?

Ad spend isn’t set by us, Facebook tells us when we set up the account how much they think the spend should be to be visible to your audience. We have a unique way of targeting people celebrating (shhhh, ut’s a secret!) and it means we can get your local business in front of the right people.

To do that we need to have the right spend allocated to ensure your adverts are shown. We do this for you when we are setting up the Facebook ads for you. Typically the amount we spend on adverts is in the region of £5 per day, it can be higher depending on how big your audience is. We will discuss this with you and make sure we spend the right amount to reach your audience.

As an example if your are in London, you will be able to target a bigger audience than in a small town in Wales. We will work with you to get a good audience but also, we don’t want to make you so busy you cannot cope. It is better to aim for a small / medium audience and see how the campaign goes.

Do I need to create a special deal?

Yes you do, we need a way to attract the customers to your business. We all like to feel special, especially when it’s a special celebration. By giving a gift then you will massively increase the likelihood of the customer choosing you over a competitor. The best promotions are something FREE. If a party of 2 comes, then the birthday boy / girl gets their main free. Or free bottle of Prosecco for a group of 6 coming into the bar, free surprise gift when you visit the store on your birthday….

We can also work with other discounts but it must be attractive to pull the customers to you. We do reserve the right to decline working with businesses where the offer will not help create the interest you need.

You can be as creative as you want, you know your business and you know what you can afford to offer. This is about appealing to people who are in a celebratory mood. This means they tend to celebrate with others and to spend more.

Can I Not Just Do This Myself?

Yes, of course you can. Just go ahead and learn Facebook ads, pay someone to create the copy, test the ads, then work out how to message them on email and SMS to make sure they show up, figure out how to keep the ads running and refine them to get better results…then don’t forget to use the magic 3 steps hidden within Facebook to get the BEST audience you can for your offer.

Once you have mastered all of that, then think about integrating chat bots and follow ups automatically to increase your reviews.

We do this all day every day. We have the ads, we can create new ones, we know the Facebook ad software and we already have the process set up to email and SMS. Plus we have integrated software that talks to the customer every step of the way and engages them and we make sure you have the customer contact too.

We know that most businesses want to get more customers and they don’t want the headache of having to do it all themselves.

So ….yes you can do it but for the low cost we charge why on earth would you want to? We can do the heavy lifting and you can get on with running your business.

How Will I Know What Bookings Come From You?

We track everything, we gather the customers data so we can follow up with eMail and SMS, we assign tracking to the ads so we know how many have enquired and how many convert into bookings. We can even calculate the ROI for you. We send you all this (and more) in an easy to follow, monthly report.

All you have to do is make sure you see the coupon / voucher when the customer visits you.

Aside from all of this, you’ll automatically know when you get busier as more people come through your doors and take advantage of your promotional offer.

What If I Want To Change My Offer?

That’s fine, just shoot us an email and we will have one of the creative team run you a new promotion. We just ask you please do changes like this either the beginning or end of any month so it gives us time to make the changes as we have to do some techie stuff as well to keep it all running smoothly for you.

We will work with you to make sure your offers are compelling and working great to get you those new customers.


Do You Offer Other Social Plans Like Instagram?

Yes we do, Instagram is owned by Facebook so we can run ads through there as well for you if you want. This type of promotion works better on some social media sites than others and there are better results in Facebook from the tests we have done.

Our aim is to get results for you and so if there are other things that you are interested in working with, then we are happy to help you.


How Long Is The Contract?

We don’t have a contract. We run it for 30 day cycles (Monthly). Most clients see an uplift of 15-30% more customers when the ads start running. So most clients tend to let this run and run, it keeps a steady flow of new business walking in your door.

We can pause, stop during busy times and flex up, down and sideways as you need. After the first 30 days we will just invoice you for the work being done monthly until you say stop but you are not tied to us at all, that’s not how we like to work. It’s lovely having clients like you who want to be with us, not who are tied.

I want to pay for the Facebook ads is that OK?

Of course, we can guide you on what you should spend and the daily budget. If you have a Facebook business account this can work well for you. If you don’t then we can manage it including spend, just choose the 2nd option above. Either way, you will get our teams expertise in creating and marketing the ads and plugging in our state of the art software to increase your conversions. 


Isn't this like Groupon, Living Social and Daily Deals?

No, really….just no. A daily deal site like Groupon is designed to benefit the deal site and not the business. They promote to their audience and their audience are bargain hunters. There is nothing wrong with that at all but they are only looking for a deal. Typically less than 2% of customers from daily deal sites will return to you at full price. 

You also cannot market to them, unless you catch their details when they visit you and let’s face it, if you have used a daily deal site, it is expensive! Not only do you have to create the deal in the first place, you then have to split the reduced money you do get with the site so it leaves not a lot left.

With our marketing, we are marketing to YOUR audience and you are –

A. Getting them when they are in a good mood

B. Getting them when they want to spend and celebrate

C. Creating a much greater likelihood of repeat business as they will associate you with good memories

D. It is your client, so you can market to them as much as you want, when you want.

I Have More Than One Business / Location Can You Help?

Yes we can, we would treat each location as a seperate business as you will have a different audience. But we can scale up, we do work with some larger national chains with many locations, so we know how to scale for you. The per site cost stays the same unless you have over 5 locations and then we would look at some wholesale pricing for you.

Just get in touch to find out more.

What's The Average ROI?

That’s a bit of a how long is a piece of string question as it depends on some factors outside of what we can control. A good average is 15-30% increase in monthly volume (however you measure that.)

Some businesses are reporting a lot more and we can try different offers to get the results ever better for you.

Additional benefits are (assuming your customer service is good) a potential lifetime value of a new client PLUS you get a lot of brand visibility as the ads we create tend to get a lot of local shares as well.

Getting your brand name known is a wonderful added extra and we know that will have a knock on effect and get you more potential client too. PLUS we can ask for reviews after the event has been enjoyed and send a link to your review site of choice.

What Other Services Do You Have?

We are a Social Sales Agency, so it’s in the name but we are part of a small business network so we can refer you to other businesses if you need help with branding, logo’s web design, SEO and things like that.

They are great businesses and we can vouch for them but we do not offer the service ourselves. We offer social sales management, marketing and reputation management in house.

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